Tailgating Causes Accidents

“Tailgating”, which is a term for when a person drives too close to the vehicle in front of him or her, is a common cause of traffic accidents. It happens all too frequently on the highways, and it creates a dangerous situation if the car in front has to slow down or stop suddenly. Tailgating can be caused by distracted driving, as when drivers do not pay attention because they’re texting or talking on their cell phones, or it can be a result of driver impairment due to substance abuse, or it can even occur because of a road rage situation, where the tailgating driver is narrowing the distance between cars in order to harass the driver in front.

It is a problem that is on the rise, and statistics show that drivers in certain types of vehicles are the worst offenders. Almost 23 percent of drivers in sport utility vehicles (SUV) tailgate, for example.

You should never tailgate another driver, and one good reason is that if you are responsible for a collision due to tailgating, you can be liable for damage and injury claims. If you are the victim of tailgating, it is important to establish that the driver behind you was driving in a reckless or negligent manner, and you may need to have supporting evidence in the form of medical reports, witness testimony, and police reports. If you or someone in your family have been a victim of a tailgating accident in Georgia, contact Michael W. McElroy, P.C., for a free consultation.