How To Recover From A Truck Accident

Passenger car and SUV drivers share roads and expressways with commercial trucks of all shapes and sizes. Driving among all those huge vehicles can be a dangerous situation. The following tips can help you avoid truck accidents that might leave you carless, seriously injured, permanently maimed, or, sadly, result in a loss of life.

  • Whether you’re in front of a truck or behind it, give these behemoths plenty of room. Trucks needs a lot of distance to stop and they make exceptionally wide turns. Avoid trying to pass a truck making a turn. It’s better to wait a few minutes than to risk a life-threatening collision.
  • Remember that most truck drivers can’t see you if you can’t see their mirrors. Trucks have large blind spots, so keep yourself in sight of their mirrors to avoid the risk of going unnoticed by the truck driver. Also, keep in mind that truck drivers sit much higher than passenger vehicle drivers and have a very different vantage point.

If you are in a collision with a truck, first ensure that everyone is okay. Call 911 immediately if there are severe injuries. Do not hesitate. Once you’ve ensured that everyone has the medical help they need, take the following steps and precautions.

  • Call the police and complete a police and accident report. Take this step even if you do not immediately notice damage to your car or person.ll your insurance company and provide them with the information on the police report. They will contact the trucking company’s insurance office.
  • Share as little information as possible if you must speak to the trucker’s insurance agent until you speak with a qualified attorney.
  • Call a lawyer as soon as possible. You may have legal remedies available.

If you’re ever involved in an accident with a truck, the law office of Michael W. McElroy, PC is here to help. We have the skill, knowledge, and experience you need to make sure you receive compensation for medical bills, vehicle loss, loss of income, and pain and suffering. Call us today.