Premises Liability

Retail stores and other places of business, like nightclubs and amusement parks, owe specific duties and safety to their guests. This legal responsibility means that property owners must make regular, reasonably thorough inspections of their property to ensure it is safe for public use. Regular, reasonably thorough inspections include making sure pools are properly outfitted with safety equipment and meet safety standards prior to the arrival of swimmers, and ensuring there are no obvious slip and fall hazards in grocery store aisles and that spills are cleaned up quickly.

When a visitor, customer, or guest is injured, their immediate reaction might be to pursue legal action against the facility. Financial compensation, though, is not automatically assigned to the property owner. An injured party may receive such financial compensation is when they are able to prove the property owner was negligent or that they overlooked clearly foreseeable potential harm.

For a property owner to be held legally and financially responsible for an injury sustained on their property, knowledge of a potentially dangerous condition must be established. A plaintiff must be able to demonstrate that the property owner either created or ignored hazardous conditions and made no attempts at correcting the problem. The property owner may also be held liable if the hazardous condition existed for an extended period of time in which regular inspections would have made the problem known.

If you have suffered an injury because of a negligent property owner, consult with a personal injury or premises liability attorney. Such specialized attorneys will conduct a critical examination of your accident and assess your injuries to determine fault. They will help you hold property owners accountable for your injuries, which can lead to you receiving the compensation you are entitled to. Call the law office of Michael W. McElroy if you were injured in a public or private facility in the state of Georgia. We’ll help you determine your next steps toward getting the financial recovery you deserve.