Why Medical Negligence Goes Further Than Just Doctors

If you’ve been the unfortunate victim of medical malpractice or medical negligence, your first instinct might be to hold the hospital or physician who treated you solely accountable, which might prompt you to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. Medical malpractice claims, though, can target many other healthcare professionals, facilities, and practitioners who play a role in your healthcare journey.

Many times, the fault for medical negligence may be with your pharmacist. Compounding pharmacies are uniquely prone to misreading a prescription, overlooking a prescription’s details, mislabeling a prescription, and even simple human error. Mistakes at compounding pharmacies are far more commonplace than the average consumer might think because compounding pharmacies are tasked with mixing medications to meet the needs of each individual patient’s prescription.

Compounding pharmacies are an absolute necessity, though, because many patients require a highly customized mix of pharmaceutical drugs. Some of those instances include custom dosage amounts, the removal of gluten or other allergy triggers, or unsanitary lab conditions. Compounded drugs pose a serious health risk when mixed or administered incorrectly. The very nature of their medical necessity, though, means they require diligence in safeguarding against medical negligence.

Few things feel as mentally and emotionally devastating as having the medical treatments and prescribed medications you turned to for relief become an additional medical hazard. Fortunately, there are legal remedies available in cases of medical negligence. If you or someone you love has suffered a setback to your health because of an incorrectly formulated compounded drug or other medical negligence issue, we are here to help.

The law office of Michael W. McElroy, PC can file a medical negligence and medical malpractice lawsuit on your behalf. Medical negligence lawsuits are multifaceted, intricate, and complex. We have all the expertise and experience you need to explain the process and the anticipated outcome. Call us today to get the help you need to receive the compensation you deserve.