Common Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents happen every day, and sadly, many of them are avoidable. You can help safeguard yourself, your family, and your vehicle by being aware of the most common causes of car accidents and knowing how you can avoid them.

The leading cause of most car accidents today is distracted driving. It can be hard to focus on the road when your phone is ringing, text messages are signaling their arrival, or kids are arguing in the back seat. Avoid those distractions by putting your phone on silent while you’re driving and instituting a quiet zone the kids know they have to respect.

Due to the bright lights from approaching cars and the change in your viewpoint after the sun sets, driving at night increases the risk of a car accident. Make sure your headlights are in working order and your vision is not impaired before venturing out to drive at night. Also, make sure your turn signals are fully functional. This helps other drivers anticipate your maneuvers. Drive defensively, especially at night, maintain a safe driving distance, and be aware of all the drivers on the road.

Sadly, drunk driving is also a large contributor to many collisions. It causes car accidents every day, even though they are easily avoidable by simply limiting alcohol consumption, assigning a designated driver, or using a shared ride service like Uber or Lyft.

Finally, manufacturer defects can lead to many design and functionality flaws that can contribute to car accidents. Today’s cars have hundreds of moving mechanical and electronic parts. A single working part out of sync can alter the way your vehicle functions.

Hopefully, you’ll never find yourself involved in a car accident. If you do, the law office of Michael W. McElroy, PC will help you get the compensation you’re entitled to. Whether the other driver is at fault or the manufacturer has overlooked a design flaw, our years of client satisfaction and law practice experience are here for you. Call us today and get the recovery you need from an attorney who puts your needs first.